Security Cleared Jobs

Of course finding a job within security clearance is easier if you are already Security Cleared and have time remaining on your security clearance ticket; however this doesn’t mean that if you aren’t cleared you shouldn’t apply for contracts/jobs. Providing you’re a great candidate and the vacancy doesn’t need to be filled immediately, remember it can take quite a few weeks to become SC, you still have a good chance of securing the role.

It’s worth noting that most security clearances last up to 12 months after the project finishes, obviously if you rejoin a security cleared post within 12 months there is usually no need to go through the process again.

Key industries of SC contracts and jobs are:

  • Government
  • Nuclear Industry
  • IT
  • Aerospace
  • Anti Fraud
  • Biometric
  • Forensic

Finding a Contract / Job

Typical search terms for security cleared jobs and contracts

Secruity Cleared Jobs, DV Cleared Jobs, BS Jobs, CRB Jobs, CTC Jobs, EBS jobs, NATO Jobs, Security Cleared Contract Jobs, Security Cleared Analyst Jobs, Security Cleared Oracle Jobs, Security Cleared Developer Jobs, Security Cleared Project Manager Jobs, IT Security jobs.

Security clearance time scales

Obviously different levels of SC take different times to be cleared, bear this in mind when applying:

  • Baseline Personnel Security Standard BPSS ( 14 days)
  • Counter Terrorist Check ( 30 days)
  • Security Check ( 30 days)
  • Developed Vetting ( 95 days)

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